Nicki Lever

Events (Platform Technical & Ticketing)

What do you do professionally? (inc website if wish): Co-Founder & User Experience at The Juniper Studio, a web agency that fired up earlier this year.  My aim as a UXer is to make complex things simple.

Why did you get involved in TEDxFolkestone?: I have seen some really amazing TED talks and saw that there was an opportunity to get involved with something phenomenal locally and I couldn’t resist.

What do you love about Folkestone / why you came to Folkestone? Like many, I’m not from Folkestone, I moved here for my love of the sea, my children were born here and we feel like we’re home. The huge creative community here really fires me up and I’m proud that that unique mix of creative and grittiness sets us apart from the other cinque port towns.

What music cheers you up / where is the place that you feel happiest? Happiest would be anywhere in West Dorset, spent so much of my childhood there it was just magical.

Who inspires you or what inspires you?

Who would be on your dream dinner party list? Anyone other than Donald Trump.

What is the worst Christmas (or birthday) present you ever received? And why? I can’t even think without feeling a pang of guilt. Pass, I love socks.

What’s your favourite TEDx talk and why? Emily Levine – watch the first 10 seconds and be blown away, just so powerful