Partners 2021

Our 2021 Partner

TEDxFolkestone has a new collaborative partner – East Cliff Creatives. And here’s why that is so exciting for anyone who loves TEDx talks and enjoys our events. Our TEDxFolkestone 2021 event on Saturday 27th February will be a live, virtual event – rather than in a theatre.

The speakers selected to take part will not only get to have their talk filmed on stage. In an innovative and exciting collaboration, we are going to ask each of them to work with a local creative. That could be a filmmaker, illustrator, animator, videographer, artist, photographer, for example.

The idea is to give each talk a unique visual twist and flavour – and perhaps even define a new way of presenting and illustrating great ideas around the world. And this is why we are partnering with East Cliff Creatives, also known as ECC. If you live in or around Folkestone, you may already know something about this group. East Cliff Creatives is a community of local talented creatives, which supports and promotes members through marketing, networking, collaboration and creative projects.

It has a shop in The Old High Street, Folkestone, and set up a company called Pebble and See for developing and delivering larger creative projects. And it’s the ECC which is going to find the local creatives for TEDxFolkestone, to be matched with our chosen speakers for our 2021 event. We love the fact our values of innovation, leadership, community, commitment, collaboration, creativity and fun are reflected in the way East Cliff Creatives works.

When we were looking for creatives to be part of the project, turning to the ECC community was the obvious choice.  East Cliff Creatives shares our values and some of our volunteers are already part of that community. Folkestone and the surrounding areas have an amazing pool of creative talent and we are really excited to be working with the ECC, to tap into that and support each other.

We are very excited about the possibilities for some amazing talks and visuals for our 2021 event – and the opportunities our partnership with ECC can create.