Liu Batchelor

Curator and founder

Ideas are what sparks joy for Liu Batchelor, founder and curator of TEDxFolkestone who guides the team with a passion for helping people get their ideas out of their heads and into the world.

Born and raised in Folkestone, Liu is proud to be part of a creative community unafraid to explore new ideas and try out new ways of doing things. She started TEDxFolkestone to bring together like-minded people and help people with big ideas have their “eureka!” moment. Liu is a freelance presenter and producer focusing on online content, travel and active lifestyles. Not only has she had the chance to visit different places and try different sports, but she also once had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister David Cameron and tell him all about the (real life!) sport of quidditch.

Liu found her favourite TEDx talk when she watched Emilie Wapnick’s “Why some of us don’t have one true calling”. As someone who delights in exploring her varied interests, from maths and art to worldwide travel and local community, Emilie’s reassurance that many of us have more than one true passion, purpose or path is a message Liu believes is important for people to hear.

Liu’s dream dinner party guest list would include fellow TV presenters Bruce Parry, Louis Theroux and Anica Rice, who have inspired her own style. She would also invite her Grandfather at age 20, to share the tale of The Oxford and Cambridge Trans-Africa Expedition, a 25,000-mile journey from Tunisia to South Africa and back again, which he completed in 1954.