A wearer of different communicator hats: Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, Journalist, Travel Writer, Presenter, Storyteller.

I love telling stories. (Some of them are even true).

As a marketer, I help entrepreneurs and businesses tell their own story in a clear, consistent and authentic way. As a writer, I share my adventures in the great outdoors and around the world.

My mantra is: “Mind the Planet”.

I find inspiration in mountains and coast. Inspirations include Michael Palin, Brian Blessed, Alan Whicker, adversity adventurer Alex Staniforth and David Attenborough.

Wanting to be part of TEDx Folkestone was a no-brainer. Folkestone has been my on-and-off home through life. I love TED talks. And this was a chance to learn about film-making as part of the documentary project – and be part of something special.