Speaker Announcement

TEDxFolkestone 2019 – ‘A Reimagined Future’.

We have encouraged our speakers to explore their ideas and interpretations of our future; taking into account their own personal experiences and ideologies, and how they would like to use these to change the world (or just the community).

We have never lived in times of such change, or tumult, and it is vital that we as individuals are examining our place in the present, as well as our role in providing a better future for ourselves, our community, and the planet. What wasn’t possible previously that may be considered now?

This year’s topics include:
 Dr Katerina Johnson – The Future is Sh*t
Tim Box – What would the world look like if no one had anxiety? 
Dan Abbott – Respecting, appreciating and understanding our environment. 
Rachel Davis – Unlocking the potential in children through music.
Julia Bernard-Thompson – What if we all had the same name?
Joanna Rawbone – Shifting the Extraversion Bias.
Caroline Strachan – Why gender equality is not just about women.
Robert Anderson – Redefining what it means to be human.
Alex Smith – Competition has no place in business.

To read more about this year’s topics please visit the 2019 Speaker section.