Alex Smith

Competition has no place in business

Competition has no place in business. This is a new theory to challenge the conventional wisdom of how markets work - a theory based not on competition between businesses, but on symbiosis between them.

Alex is a strategist and founder of Basic Arts, where he helps businesses create monopolies within their market categories. Alex has developed strategies for businesses including the ‘Economist’ and ‘Innocent’. He has also been fired from every corporate job he’s ever had. Understanding this through the passage of time has allowed him to see why he kicks against processes and ideas. Every now and again, it allows him to come up with something people find useful.  His talk is about one such idea.

Alex is a proud East Anglian country boy living in London. He is also a rabid contrarian and once saw Will Smith.

For him, the theme of “a reimagined future” at TEDxFolkestone connected perfectly with a new vision of business that are unfolding all around us, and which his talk addresses.

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