Apply to speak

Speaker & Performer Applications for 2019 open November 1

If you’re considering applying to speak at a future TEDxFolkestone event, here’s a short checklist of what this may involve:

  • Summary of your talk idea – initially under 250 words
  • Video of you presenting your idea – under 2 minutes (we can help you produce this)
  • Engagement with speaker development process and attendance at rehearsals
  • Hard work and commitment ending with your presenting your talk from the iconic red dot carpet!

Email: [email protected] for more information

Please note:

All TEDx event organisers curate a line-up of both invited speakers and open submissions.  TEDxFolkestone places a high emphasis on open submissions, to give everyone an opportunity to ‘find their voice’ and express their ‘ideas worth sharing’.  Support is offered to new speakers, and it should be noted it’s common for speakers of all experience levels to re-draft their talk several times before stepping on stage.  It is very important that candidates are familiar with the TED rules and guidelines – which both dictate the sort of talks and ideas which can be delivered, and provide support in crafting your idea into your best possible TEDx talk.

Our speaker support team is there to support candidates through the selection process and to help selected speakers develop their best possible idea and talk.

Watch this page to find out the deadline for future submissions at the earliest time, or join our mailing list below to be one of the first to know.

Speakers MUST adhere to Tedx rules and guidelines which can be found here.