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TEDxFolkestone 2019

TEDxFolkestone is about to embark on its third year in 2019 after two very successful years that have seen us deliver 24 thought-provoking talks and 2 engaging performances that have received more than 50,000 views from all over the world.

For 2019, the theme for TEDxFolkestone is ‘A Reimagined Future’. We are more than happy for all applications to have their own take on this theme, which focuses on what is coming next. How can we reimagine something that hasn’t happened yet? What will be possible in the future that wasn’t possible before? What things do we need to think about for the future? What can we change today to reimagine our future?

However, irrespective of how you interpret this theme, selection is based on the strength of the idea. Is your idea new or surprising?

Does it challenge a belief many people already have or do you have a completely new take on an idea that people need to hear? If you do, then we’d love to hear from you.

Key dates for TEDxFolkestone 2019


Thurs 1 Nov: Application process for TEDxFolkestone 2019 launches
Tues 27 Nov: Pitch night for speakers – a chance to pitch your idea to the team
Fri 14 Dec: Open Mic night for performers at Chambers Bar, Folkestone


Mon 14 Jan: Speaker/performance applications close
Fri 1 Feb: Shortlist of speakers and performers defined
4th – 15 Feb: Telephone interviews with shortlisted speaker and performers
Fri 1 March: Final 10 speakers and 3 performers selected
Fri 8 March: 2019 speaker and performers welcome meeting at the Quarterhouse
Mid-March – end of May: 6 x speaker/performer support events to refine and practise your talk
Mon 8 Apr: Initial script/performance outline submitted
Mon 6 May: Updated script/outline and any supporting materials/technical requirements submitted
Sat 1 June: Final talk/video of performance submitted
Fri 7 and 14: Speaker and performer rehearsals at the Quarterhouse
Fri 21 June: Full dress rehearsal
• Sat 22 June: TEDxFolkestone 2019 Event

At TEDxFolkestone, we pride ourselves on building a community of speakers and performers who not only deliver thought-provoking messages and engaging performances but who build friendships and networks within the TEDx community too. This is why we have developed a Social Agreement that outlines to all applicants what we expect of our speakers and performers, and the support you can expect in return to ensure you deliver the best possible talk or performance.

Our aim is that by setting expectations from the start and having an agreement between our dedicated team of volunteers who run TEDxFolkestone and our selected speakers and performers, we can ensure TEDxFolkestone 2019 will be the best one yet and will positively impact not only the speakers to deliver the best talks of their lives but also the wider community.

Before You Apply

TEDx events are locally run events that adhere to TED rules, which must be considered before applying.

Do you have any questions about your application or the process?


Please click below to apply for TEDxFolkestone 2019, based on whether you would like to be a speaker or performer.

The deadline for applications are 14th January 2019.