Apply To Speak – 2018


Speaker Applications for TEDxFolkestone 2018 have now closed


We invited open submissions to speak, via a process of iterative submission of the following:

  • A written summary of your talk idea (max 250 words).
  • Video submission summarising or adding to your written submission (max 2 mins duration – and could be done during the speaker development workshops before March 1st).

The open submission period ended on 1st March 2018. Until this point candidates were able to iteratively redraft their idea.

Applicants were able to:

  • receive updates and a chance to attend ‘invitation-only’ support workshops and sessions
  • benefit from feedback from our speaker selection team – invaluable where your idea may need development to bring it in line with the TEDx rules and guidelines
  • have a chance to submit further drafts of your talk idea submission before the selection deadline

Closing date for open submissions (inc any redrafts) was 1st March.  
Final speaker selections were announced 18th March. 

From this point, successful speakers had approx 3 months to develop their talk in full, and their delivery; within a calendar of deadlines.  

Email: for more information.


Please note:

All TEDx event organisers curate a line-up of both invited speakers and open submissions.  TEDxFolkestone places a high emphasis on open submissions, to give everyone an opportunity to 'find their voice' and express their ‘ideas worth sharing'.  Support is offered to new speakers, and it should be noted it’s common for speakers of all experience levels to re-draft their talk several times before stepping on stage.  It is very important candidates are familiar with the TED rules and guidelines – which both dictate the sort of talks and ideas which can be delivered, and provide support in crafting your idea into your best possible TEDx talk.

Attending the invitation-only support workshops is not compulsory, but offers an opportunity for feedback and support, and for our speaker selection team to get the best possible understanding of your ideas and delivery (beyond what can be understood from your written submission). 

The speaker selection team is there to help candidates develop the best possible idea and talk. After 1st March they provided speaker recommendations to the TEDxFolkestone organisers, who made the final selection. Revisions suggested by the speaker selection team will not guarantee your idea will definitely be selected.  However, we hope unsuccessful candidates will continue to develop their ideas for delivery at other events and through other platforms, or even at future TEDx events. 

Speakers MUST adhere to Tedx rules and guidelines which can be found here.